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*Artists of Aquarius Foundation*

"CreatingAnArtists'Residence...inMichigan's UpperPeninsula"

TamaraLeeNiemi, Artist/President/Owner

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*Artists of Aquarius Foundation* 

"Creating an Artists'Residence in Michigan's U.P."

Established in 2018, Artists of Aquarius Foundation is a Non-Profit, 501C3 organization. The Mission is to Create an Artists' Residence in Michigan's environmentally rich Upper Peninsula, Where Visiting Artists will Stay to Sightsee & Create their Art. Resident Artists will teach classes & speak to the public on their life & career at a lecture.

     The Artists' work will be Showcased in a Gallery website online & Locally.

     We are Seeking a Donation of $1 Million Dollars in 2021...!  Any Size Donation Is Appreciated. Contact President TamaraLeeNiemi To Get Additional Information.  

     OR, Send A Check or Money Order To ArtistsOfAquariusFoundation, PO Box 576, Negaunee, Michigan 49866. 

     Free Carpentry /Construction Work is Needed To Renovate a Property to use as one of the Artists. Residences.

      Additional (Unlimited) Funding will also be Required in the Future to Support & Establish the Artists' Residence(s).

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   News: On the Board of Directors,

We are proud to Welcome: Dr. Roy Dittman, BrightonBaby, BodyMind Institute, of Anaheim, California; Curtis Harwell, Harwell Pest Control & Author of Gathering of Lights; & Ms. Stephanie Quinn, Professional Musician & Teacher.

Credits viewable on websites. 

Please send Donations & Inquiries To:

Artists Of Aquarius Foundation

c/o TamaraLeeNiemi, President

*122 Rock Street,  PO Box 576, ***

 Negaunee ,  Michigan 49866 *

                      *Or Email:                                [email protected]

                                                                         [email protected]

                                                       Medieval Stars Art Gallery:  

315 South First Street

Ishpeming Michigan 49849

Image of Charitable Solicitation License of : ARTISTS of AQUARIUS Foundation.