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*TamaraLeeNiemi* Ar​tist/Photographer & Owner*

*906.235.5735 *







*TamaraLeeNiemi * Artist/Photographer & Owner​


P.14 * ARTIST STATEMENT by TamaraLeeNiemi:

     In business since 2007, & an Artist since 1989. I enjoy being an Artist & Photographer, & a creative person.

Exhibit of ART @ ISLAND BOOKS&CRAFTS, Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan. TLN. 2019.

My photography has been shown in Galleries & Gift Stores in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, such as: Sault Realism Gallery; & Island Books & Crafts * *Oasis Gallery * Elixir * TreasureChest * DeadRiverCoffee * FallingRockBookstore *NMU DeVos ArtMuseum & more.

My son Zachary BL Niemi is a featured Photographer & worked on OasisGallery shows & as a Vendor as well. Zachary's photography won in 2 contests. He is a KUP Band Drummer & produced a music CD, KUP. He is a Guitarist, Actor & College Graduate, as well as Newlywed & father of two.

    Ive hosted a Vendor table @ The Westwood Mall; the Jackson Mine Market & Marquette Farmers&Artists Market, as well as TV6 SuperiorDome, FallHarvest, RenaissanceFaire & more...

I enjoyed being a Curator at the Oasis Gallery in Marquette Michigan 2010-12. As a Featured Artist @ TheOasis, my art show was entitled "Dreaming". My paintings were also shown @"The Curators Show 2011" & "Snapshots"; HolidaySale.

In 2015, I painted 20 new paintings using the theme of "Scenes from My Life." Each is based on a memory from my life, & most have adapted twists & people in them. I use colorful paint schemes & both acrylic & oil paint.

In some paintings there is a resemblance to a famous person, which is coincidental & paranormal, & very interesting...I've found this phenomenon when painting using an abstract scrunch-blot method as well. Faces appear in the paint formations; it is mysterious!

I enjoy traveling & taking pictures to remember/document & as Art. In 2015, I took a Road Trip to sightsee & photograph the beautiful scenery along the West Coast in Oregon & Malibu, & at Yellowstone National Park, & more.

Aquarius Art Ventures U.P. Postcard Sets are also available for use as a School Group Fundraising item! I worked as a fundraising salesperson in Los Angeles in the past, which sparked this great business idea!


EMAIL: [email protected]*